Choosing a Surrey wedding photographer is a big decision. The photos you have are all you’ll take away to remember what will be one of the most special moments in your life.

I think there are two key ingredients to choosing who is the right Surrey documentary wedding photographer for you.

1. The style of the photos. Choose someone who’s photos you look at and you think “I want wedding photos like that!”

2. How well you get on with them. This is why I’m always happy to meet you virtually (via Skype) or in person. Your photographer is with you all day and it’s worth having someone who you feel relaxed around, who you can imagine interacting with your family and friends, and most of all someone you like.

In terms of style here’s what you need to know about me to help you make an informed decision about your Surrey wedding photographer and photography.


My style is not traditional. As a modern Surrey wedding photographer I really dislike cliche wedding photography. Instead I like to tell the story of your wedding day in a down-to-earth, unposed, natural style, capturing all those special moments, and all the details, that make your wedding personal to you, enabling you to re-live your day again and again. I want to take you back and show you not just what happened, but how you felt too.

If you want someone to set up lots of group shots, or to pose you like models, I probably won’t be your man. Instead I am at my best, and my happiest, just capturing the action and emotion as it naturally happens.

The couples who choose me tend to be those one want an honest and relaxed style for their day.  They want someone to just blend into your wedding and be part of the day – making you, and your guests, feel relaxed and at ease. My personable nature means I fit in well with the day – interacting with your guests to the extent people think I’m just a friend of yours.

Most  of all I love weddings. I think everything about them is brilliant- the atmosphere, the buzz, the emotion. Every single one is different and every single one is a lot of fun. It’s this authentic passion, and enthusiasm, for your wedding day that is at the heart of my approach. Being there with you is genuinely exciting for me and genuinely an honour. It’s not a job for me – it’s a real passion.


Here are a few of my wedding photos and a bit about each one to give you a flavour for my style as a Surrey wedding photographer.

1. Candid moments personal to you

I love photos like this one, as for me it’s a natural moment, special and personal to Emma, as she hugged her Dad after they had a dance together. I raw emotion shines through.

2. Up, close and in the thick of it

I love photos of action and fun.  Throughout a wedding day I’ll be mixing in and taking in all the action. I don’t hide in the corner with a big telephoto zoom, just taking lots of headshots. Instead I’m up close, and part of the action. This gives you photos with a lot more life to them, like you’re back there again.

3. Creative and dynamic 

I am passionate about creative wedding photography. I place real importance on composition and photos which are visually pleasing. I love to try and give you photos that aren’t just the standard and expected shots.


4. Emotions at the heart

I’m a wear my heart on my sleeve type of guy. So I love to capture emotion. This type of shot is a moment I’m always on the look out for during your day as it’s these moments that are what make your wedding day what it is.


5. Portraits fit for your living room wall

The majority of my photos are natural and unposed. But I do think it’s a great investment to spend 20-30 minutes on your day getting some portraits that can go on your living room wall. I like my portraits to have some drama to them. Whether it’s you both in a beautiful setting, or just up close being in love.

 6. A wide coverage of everyone at your day (not just you!)

I know you don’t just want 800 photos of you. Who was at your wedding is just as important. So I always aim to get a wide range of photos from your day. Whilst you are both my number one focus, I will always go after more moments of your family and guests to capture them all having a great time!


7. Expressions, tears and laughs

I really work hard to capture all those expressions throughout the day. I want the photos I give you to have feeling and life to them. This shot of Jamie and Vicki is what I’m all about.

8. Photos with who those that matter to you

I think some set-up group photos still have their place at a wedding. I don’t recommend lots of formal shots (usually just 8-10) as it gets quite tedious for you, and it eats into your day (I’d much prefer to see you having fun and mingling with your guests!). Getting some portraits of you and your family, and wedding party (think bridesmaids and ushers) are worth getting though, so I always suggest allowing around 30-40 minutes for this. But if you want endless combinations of aunties, cousins and friends from every era, I sadly won’t be right for you.

9. I love to work with beautiful light

The vast majority of my work is produced using natural, available, light. At the heart of beautiful wedding photography is lovely light. Light makes a photo. I will often look to do some portraits at dusk – as this light is magical.

10. I love to blend in, have fun and be like one of your guests!

I really enjoy weddings and love to be here, there and everywhere capturing the moments. I will chat to your guests, make friends and blend in so no-one feels like I’m the photographer. I want to be Jonny at the wedding and I’m proud so many of my couples are now friends! Here’s me with Es and Nick in summer 2017!

Last one… I’m with you all your day… 

My approach is to tell the story of your day – so that means I’ll be shooting well into the party (not disappearing after the first dance!). You get to look at back at all your guests having an awesome time!

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