It’s still January so I’m just about squeezing my 2018 review before 2019 properly kicks off and another year of awesome weddings begins!

2018 was another corker for me and yet again I was able to work with so so many incredible couples, travel to some amazing places and witness so much joy and happiness! In many ways human beings at their best and that is simply why weddings are so special and unique. Where else in life do you have every single person you love the most all in one place with you? When you also get to dress up to look your absolute best, hear incredibly touching words from people, and get to eat and drink all day long?!

Last year saw me travel as much as ever with trips to Tuscany, Santorini (for the 3rd year running) and Germany! Destination weddings always have an edge and are always extremely memorable. I am looking forward to heading to France, Scotland and Nothern Ireland this summer. Lots to look forward to!

Of course most of all a huge thank you to all my 2018 couples! I wouldn’t get to do what I do without you! People might say “ah we love your photos” and I respond by reminding everyone “I can only shoot what happens in front of me.” All the moments you see below are all real. I was just there to capture it all as it unfolded!

Here’s to 2019!


January 30, 2019

2018 review