So here we are a look back at 2020 and wow what a year it was. I say wow not so much in delight, but more shock. 2020 was meant to the year for the wedding industry. Instead it soon transpired to be a year like no other, for all the wrong reasons.

From mid-March the UK was plunged into lockdown, weddings were one of many things legally banned, as the onset of covid19 hit. On as little as 24 hours notice couples had their long awaited days pulled from under their feet and a huge wave of wedding postponements set in – with much angst and worry for couples, and also for those working in the industry. Everyone hoped that by the summer things would be back to normal. No-one ever expected that the reality would be that weddings would not be anything like normal for the entire year – with strict limits on guest numbers, masks enforced, no dancing, partying and wild celebrations. In fact for almost half the year they were outlawed altogether.

From July weddings were tentatively back on and for July-September some people gallantly went ahead but come October weddings were capped at 15 and and then come November completely off again (again at very short notice). After a brief rest bite in December come the 19th they were almost all cancelled across the country. All in all it was a year of incredible challenges, heartbreak and worry.

However there was some light in the dark times and I was lucky enough to go to 10 weddings (albeit all bar a couple were very brief and two of those were for other photographers whom covid had enforced a change of plan). In an average year I would normally be at weddings for around 350-400 hours in total. In 2020 that number was approximately 50 hours – quite a difference!

On a positive note for me those that did get married in 2020 were pretty special. Why? Well because covid stripped all the wonderful extras from a wedding away, and put it back to the heart of the matter. That is two people, making a beautiful commitment to one and another, celebrating their love and marking one of life’s momentous milestones!!

So if you were married 2020 love won and you were a winner. All of my 2020 are extra special as they persevered. They didn’t let all the disappointment win. They were determined and they, I hope, will remember their grit for years to come and that they found happiness in a difficult time!

So this year’s round up is somewhat smaller than previous years but I hope you agree there are some wonderful moments in here and some beautiful memories.

And most of all I think you will see there is still, despite everything, so much joy!!

No matter what life throws at you, smiling and finding the best in a situation is always the best thing to do and these couples showed this in abundance.

I also have included a few from couples shoots I did last year too. In the absence of weddings I was able to devote extra time to capturing couples ahead of their wedding and so they are interwoven through these highlights.

Thanks again to everyone who trusted me to document their 2020 moments. It was a tough year for sure, but all these couples (quite literally!) kept me going and although the year ahead is still somewhat uncertain, I do believe for sure my 2021 review will be a more comprehensive one.

Finally a quick nod to the accolade I receive at the end of 2021 which really turned the year back the right way up. In November I was awarded Best Wedding Photographer for South-East England at the Wedding Industry Awards and in January 2021 I was awarded second place in the National Awards for the whole of the UK. This was an amazing moment for me – more on that to come.

For now sit back and enjoy these 2020 highlights.

Here’s to the true lovers – the 2020 heroes!





January 15, 2021

2020 – the year like no other