Engagement shoots, or wedding pre-shoots, have grown in popularity over the last few years. Truth be told these pre-wedding shoots are a bit like Marmite from my experience – with a mixed appetite for them. Us Brits are generally not as enamored of the prospect of a photo shoot, as say, our wonderful American counterparts, where such a session is much more ‘the norm.’ So if you’re not jumping up and down excitedly for one you’re not alone. I’ve found there is a real misunderstanding of these sessions and the benefits of them so do read on to find out more.


A pre-wedding session is an on-location photo shoot with the two of you and me. Typically about an hour in length, they are usually done outdoors somewhere with a great backdrop – think parks, forests, town centres, fields, little villages, etc.

Most of my sessions are at dusk to make the most of the evening light. I love this time of day. We’ll meet up in our agreed location and just go for a walk and essentially hang out. It’s very relaxed and I personally really enjoy hearing more about your wedding plans, and getting to know you more, as we go.

As we have time, and it’s just us, we can be more creative and fun, so you get a really lovely set of photos from it.

I’ll make suggestions on where to position yourselves, but it’s not lots of posing, but instead me giving you some direction (which most people appreciate).

For the first 10 minutes you’ll feel a bit awkward. That’s totally normal. It’s my job, and I would like to think skill, to make you feel at ease quickly and before long you’ll find it’s not at all scary and actually quite good fun.

I’ve done many of these now and every single one of them has ended up being a great experience for everyone involved. I really enjoy them and by the end my couples do too and come away positively buzzing!




Many people haven’t had any proper photos before so they lack confidence in front of the camera. They think “I never look good in photos!” That’s usually because all their photos have been taken on a phone, in bad light, via a ‘selfie stick’! (I am a secret selfie-stick lover really!) Once you have a professional shoot you’ll be like “wow I look good!” and come the wedding day you’ll be feeling far better about having your photos done. So that’s definitely up there as a pretty good reason to have one.

The other benefit is that you’ll also get a great set of photos which you can treasure, and also use for the wedding day (think signing books, etc). I’ve seen many of my photos from these sessions printed and on display at the reception so they can be really useful come your day!

Finally there’s the advantage that we get to have a bit of time together before the wedding. I always find that a pre-wedding session helps us bond and get to know each other a bit more! Given my personal approach to wedding photography any chance to build that relationship is always 100% worth it!

See an example engagement session


A pre-wedding session is £350 and includes the shoot (on a weekday evening) and around 50 processed high resolution images for you to use as you wish!