Anyone who knows me well will already be aware I absolutely adore garden weddings! They are absolutely one of my favourite type of weddings and I always find them to be the best days to shoot. Why? Well a home wedding immediately is a blank canvas – there are no cliches to follow that come with the territory of a pure wedding venue. Everything is exactly how you like it and most of all it feels personal – after all it’s typically at the home of someone in your family so you know it well. I also find garden weddings are inherently fun! They are set-up (in a good way!) to be all about the party and having an awesome time. So cue lots of great moments for me as the photographer to capture – laughs galore, everyone having a blast!

Lucy and Ed’s wedding was held at Ed’s parents house and wow what a home it was! It really was absolutely incredible and made for the most amazing wedding setting!

A special shout out to Ollie Baines for joining me for this one – dream team!

A special

February 16, 2023

Summer Garden Wedding – Lucy & Ed