This blog post is so overdue! I can’t believe I’ve not this sooner but hey ho here we are 8 months from Emma and Simon’s amazing Drenagh House wedding and wow what a day it was! It feels like a dream now sitting here in deep, dark winter! It really was an incredible day and I 100% count Simon and Emma as two of the loveliest people I’ve ever worked with. Emma is also an amazing wedding photographer herself so we have a tonne in common and it’s no surprise her wedding was beautiful, fun, relaxed and an absolute pleasure to document. Together they are both so genuine, kind, thoughtful and upbeat. The best people to be around!

Being from Northern Ireland originally it’s no surprise Emma and Simon chose the stunning Drenagh House Estate near the north coast. They also managed to chose one of the hottest times of 2019 for all of the UK, which for once included Northern Ireland too! (Hurrah!) So we were able to bask in the best June weather anyone could hope for and we didn’t have one drop of rain! Just perfect.

The whole of Emma and Simon’s Drenagh House Wedding was all on the estate which straight away kept the day nice and compact and relaxed. They got ready in the main house and what a mighty backdrop it is. I was able to jump between them both in the morning which I always really enjoy being able to capture both sides of the preparation. Emma looked just incredible in her Sassi Holford dress and Simon smashed the black tie look good and proper! They both made each other cry some happy tears in the morning with very touching gifts for one another (big tip there!)

Their ceremony was so personal, being conducted by one of their friends Andy. The reaction when Emma and Simon met at the front was one of the best moments I’ve ever witnessed. There was so much love and so much feeling. You could see how just special this moment was for them both. The Moon Garden at Drenagh House Estate is a very unique outdoor spot for a ceremony and from a photographer’s point of view was as bit of a dream with lovely natural light. The perfect ceremony!

The rest of the day was fun and relaxed! We had some hilarious, and emotional, speeches on the grand staircase inside the house and outside the guests were able to feed on Tato crisps (what else when in Ireland!) and play garden games in the sunshine. The wedding breakfast was held in the walled garden and all the details were so well thought of by Emma and Simon (they have a really good eye for design!). Being the end of June it didn’t get dark until 11pm (so cool!) but we managed to finish the night with some of my favourite festoon light portraits ever (see below!) Just magical! The party was epic and everyone had an absolute blast!!

Emma and Simon – you were a dream! I am still so honoured I was able to be your photographer and truly know you have such an exciting future together as Mr and Mrs Reeve. Thank you for taking me to Northern Ireland (my first time!) for your Drenagh House Wedding – I absolutely loved it!

I hope you all enjoy these Drenagh House Wedding photos and reliving this awesome day! Over to the photos now!!

February 28, 2020

Drenagh House Wedding – Simon & Emma