The Devon countryside as a background, a magnificent barn, June warmth and sunshine, and two blimmin’ cool people getting married is not a bad combination! It’s no surprise then that Jim and Brooke’s Higher Eggbeer Farm wedding was a real highlight of 2019 wedding season!

I have known Jim pretty much all my life as him Mum and my Mum have been lifelong best friends. Along with his brother Chris (who was best man!) they are a family I grew up with and remember fondly going to their house lots as a kid! So it was extra special to be there to capture their day as they became Mr and Mrs Burgess!

Jim definitely wins the award for the best ‘tache going! And Brooke well, she looked stunning in her Lillian West dress, and she wore a smile on her face the entire day. Always full of life!

Higher Eggbeer Farm is a real dream wedding location. You get the whole place for the weekend. Cue party the night before the wedding, and more party time the day after. It means your wedding isn’t over in a flash. You get to enjoy a whole weekend with your closest family and friends. The outdoor ceremony space overlooks the Devon countryside and the barn set-up was amazing (a must see below!). Brooke and Jim did a superb job of making it look fabulous!

These guy smashed their wedding – there were so many funny moments! I will let the photos do the talking!

A big thanks again for having me along Jim and Brooke! Your Higher Eggbeer Farm was bloody awesome!!

If you’re having a fun and relaxed wedding like Jim and Brooke give me a shout! I’m now taking 2021 bookings and love barn weddings!


May 28, 2020

Higher Eggbeer Farm Wedding – Jim & Brooke