So Saturday just gone I had my first Easton Grange wedding and boy was it a cracker – well even higher than a cracker (is there a word?!) ! Two days on and I’m still trying to recover from Esme and Nick’s off the charts wedding of all weddings!! If Carlsberg did weddings…

So much I could say about this Easton Grange wedding (which I would massively recommended as a venue!) – I mean we had a donut wall (instead of a cake), the lead reporter for BBC East as father of the bride (!!!), a full on epic powerpoint presentation from the best men (incredible!) and many of Suffolk’s finest human beings but the thing that made Saturday what it was, was simply Es and Nick! Es and Nick are such an amazing, genuinely lovely couple! Nick is someone I’d felt like we’d been mates all my life. He’s a top top guy. His smile, and vibrancy, is infectious. Es is so warm and has such a beautiful smile! She looked stunning in her Pronovias dress.

I say it over and over but weddings where people call me by name (rather than ‘photographer’) are so much more welcoming and then when you get a couple who say to me ‘we love what you do, so just do your thing’ it’s massively inspiring… and then when they say ‘we chose our wedding date based on your availability’ well you can’t help but feel a massive sense of saying to yourself ‘I’m giving a 10000% to this day and more’… and there’s this wonderful circle of love between who your shooting and me as the photographer. When everything aligns it’s blimmmin’ amazing and these highs are what keeps me fired up and loving wedding photography as much as ever (even after being to almost 200 weddings now!).

Es and Nick’s vows had me in tears and when Nick got up and did his speech the love and respect he has for Es shone through phenomenally (plus I’ll never forget what he had for Es in the morning of the wedding – every groom needs a lesson from Nick!). The energy across the day was incredible. When the party kicked off to Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere – the atmosphere was electric.

A big big thank you to Es and Nick – and all their guests (it was awesome to see two of my former couples in Dave and Hannah, and Matt and Rox, who I owe alot to for connecting me to Es and Nick) and also a special mention to Daryl who MC’d the day superbly (every wedding needs a Daryl!) and to George, Nick’s sister, who not only match-made Es and Nick but did an amazing speech. You were all truly wonderful and it’s fair to say we had an absolute blast!

Anyway enough of me rambling – here are a few previews that caught my eye! I hope you like them!

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July 24, 2017

Easton Grange Wedding – Esme & Nick